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We are not licensed by, endorsed by, or associated with Warner Bros, The CW Network Bonanza production or the creators of TVD or The Originals. We are a family run company providing Guided tours to the sets of these awesome shows.

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Frequently Asked Questions


You asked and you shall receive! Legacies season 1 was a HIT! We want to share as much as we can from behind the scenes so we have decied to add in locations to all 3 of our tours ! Each tour option will have a  different set of  locations added. This way we can give you as much Legacies as you can handle! Filming for season 2 of Legacies will  begin in July and continue until they are finished. Season 2 will film 20 episodes and will take place on weekdays only. Keep in mind that filming on the day of your tour is always luck of the draw and impossible to plan a tour around.  Cant wait to see you around #ForeverMysticFalls! ..

Do you offer tours for the new show Legacies? Will Legacies film in Covington, GA? When will it start filming?


Yes, Mystic Falls Tours provides private tours, party and group accomodations but we do require a minimum number of guests and an initial deposit at time of booking. Booking for large groups/parties are required to be scheduled over the phone to ensure all details are obtained. To discuss how many people are in your group/party and availability call us to book at 770-728-1669.

Group discounts are available to groups of 20 or more. In order to receive the group discount  a designated member of the group is required to call and make full payment for all attendees upon booking. Parties can include a Vampire Diaries cake or cupcakes with advance notice and additional payment. If interested please let us know at time of booking and we can provide further information.

Do you offer private tours, parties or accommodations for large groups? Any discounts?


Mystic Falls Tours wants to ensure the safety and security of all its guests as well as protect the integrity of what Mystic Falls Tours stands for in helping fans enjoy the world of The Vampire Diaries, Originals, and Legacies while also providing insider information, behind-the-scenes and making sure the details we provide are special for our guest's experience. In order to uphold these values any individual that attends any of our tours is required to sign a non-compete agreement and accident form. Children (10 and under) are not required to sign a non-compete clause, although an adult will be required to sign an accident form for that child.

(14 or younger) must be accompanied by an adult. 

(15-17 years old) may join us for a tour only if pre-booked 'in-van' and only if an adult 18+ arrives with teen and signs the required forms and provides us their emergency information before leaving.

Do I need to sign anything before the tour? Can I drop my teenager off for the tour?


Mystic Falls Tours allow our guests to join us in our company tour van or follow our tour van in their own vehicles to locations. This works out best if the in-van option is full for the date you want to book, for those who have 3 or more people with them or children, or  those who have medical needs or require wheelchair assistance.

Tours are conducted with very little driving time between locations. Once you arrive at a location your tour guide will check to make sure everyone has disembarked their vehicles before going into any details about the location or filming so no one is left out of the experience. 

What are these tour options 'in-van' and 'follow van'? Which one is better?


We would be happy to pass things along to cast members, but it would be easier to send your mail directly from you because you might have better luck getting a response from your gift than with our assistance. We can't always guarantee we are going to see the cast member you are looking for as well. 

Ian Somerhalder has tweeted he wanted to find a way to connect to his fans, but "written mail is too hard to keep up with and a drain on our earth's resources". Instead, Ian suggested "Email me IanSomerhalderFanMail@gmail.com and I'll do my best to read as many as possible, write back whenever I can & possibly surprise you."

Please note if this email does not work than it is FULL. Wait a little bit and try again. Twitter and Instagram are also great ways to interact with the cast.

Can you give a cast member some fanmail?


Yes. We can accommodate almost all disabilities. We do require prior notice to your booking so that we can make sure we have what we need the day of your tour to make you comfortable. We do not offer wheelchairs or equipment. You are required to bring those types of items if needed. Please email or call 770-728-1669 if you or someone you want to bring are disabled and looking to book a tour.

Are you wheelchair accessible?


Tours are done rain or shine, hot or cold! Bring an umbrella, sunscreen whatever you may need to stay dry or protected. Exceptions are in times of extreme weather conditions we withhold the right right to cancel/reschedule if this occurs. Usually we only do so if we are considered under a 'state-of-emergency' of if the local Newton County school system closes for the day.

Will you still do the tour if its raining?


Vampire Diaries has wrapped with a total of 8 seasons and The Originals has also wrapped after 5 seasons but we will continue to offers tours for many years to come. We do have a NEW show 'Legacies' which is the spin-off of Vampire Diaries and The Originals s. Legacies filming schedule usually begins in July and runs till March depending on the number of episodes ordered for the season. Weekdays only. Please keep in mind we cannot promise filming the day of your tour but in the past we have had many of our tour guests get lucky. Book your tour to the sets of #ForeverMysticFalls and cross your fingers!

Filming of course is still a common fixture in Covington, keep in ming that even when the supernatural are not here in town we still have lots of other movies and tv shows calling Convington home. Please check out www.hollywoodinthesouth.com for more information.

When is the highest chance of filming?


No, casting even for extras if done in advance and you must live locally. If you do live locally and want to be an extra check out all the different casting companies that are now open here in Georgia. Georgia is now the biggest filming location in the world!

If we go on the tour and there is filming can I possibly be an extra?


Yes! We have had countless guests email Jessica and say they are now hooked on the shows after taking the tour! We also visit tons of civil war era homes and we try to throw in all the other movies and TV shows that have filmed in Covington for those that aren't interested in Vampires.

I am a huge fans of the shows but my companion is not, do you think they will have fun?


Deposits and all fees are non-refundable. We ask that you give at least 24 hours notice for cancellations but no matter what we do NOT offer refunds for any reason. We will however allow you to reschedule your tour for any tour available for booking up to one year if you provide at least 24 hours notice in advance. Thank you for understanding. 

Store Policy: No refunds or Exchanges for any reason. This also includes online purchases.

Do you offer refunds?


Yes we accept all major credit cards and cash in person and credit cards on our website. We also accept Paypal and Square.Keep in mind though, all tours requiring appointments. Appointments can only be made with payment in full at the time of booking. 

Do you take Credit Cards?


The Salvatore home from The Vampire Diaries was demolished after it was sold. Don't worry though, you will still see it during the new show Legacies. Thankfully Legacies rebuilt the inside sets at one of their production studios and the outside of the Salvatore home/School being used for Legacies is a different private property. Fun Fact: You would never guess that if we didn't tell you! 

How come the Salvatore House is not part of the Tour?


Our suggestion is to bring cameras, water and money for tour merchandise.  Please wear comfortable shoes (no high heels or wedges, if you wear them you will be asked to take them off).  If you are coming from a far distance we suggest following the local weather and dress accordingly. Make sure to check and see if its expected to be windy, hot, cold or rainy as well. Drinks are available for $1.00 Remember in the summer months it gets hot here. Please plan to stay hydrated.

What do I need to bring on the tour? What should I wear?


We are not affiliated with the CW, we do however run our tours with their complete appreciation for what we do. They love us and we love them…in fact you could say we are one big happy extended family. In fact if you stop in our store/Museum you will see tons of screen used props gifted to us from Warner Brothers and The CW. You also never know who you might see! The cast, crew and producers are friends of ours...you might just get lucky one day!

Are you affiliated with the CW?


Most all productions film on average for 16 hours a day, so day and night scenes did and do still happen often. IF you are taking our tour and filming is occuring we will share that information with you, if possible.  Even if its for a different production happening on our area.Vampire Diaries have wrapped after 8 seasons but dont worry we have so many stories to tell our tours will run for a very long time. The Originals wrapped in December 2017 and Legacies began filming in July 2018 and are still running strong.

Does 'The Vampire Diaries' 'The Originals' or Legacies ever film scenes in the evening?


Please email or call Jessica if you would like to request a specific date and time. We will try to accommodate you but please be advised the dates that are listed are there for a reason. We do suggest for our Mystic Falls tour that you try to book on a date that is already on the calendar before making any requests. Our Mystic Falls tour is the most popular and it already runs almost every day of the week in the mornings. Our Originals tour and Extended tours are done by request. Check the booking page and see what dates are available, If you don't see a date already listed that is in your vacation time frame please call us asap and let us know the date and tour you are requesting as well as the number of guests that in your party. We will see if that date can be added. Please keep in mind the earlier the date is requested the better chance it can be added. We are a small family run company and tour requests are first come, first serve.

What if there is a date I want to book and its not on the calendar?


YES! Call the hotel you pick directly; Let them know you were referred by Mystic Falls tours usually they offer a discount if possible.

Holiday Inn Express

470 441-9500  14450 Paras drive Covington,GA 

Hampton Inn

678-212-9500 14460 Lockridge Blvd Covington, GA


770-784-9200 9159 Access rd Covington, GA

For guests wanting a more southern feel please check out our friends on Air B n B.

The Ramsey Farm is a beautiful location. With 4 bedrooms, 2 baths this home has everything you could ever need. Rick and Stephanie are the hosts for this awesome location.

What hotels are close? Do they offer discounts to Mystic Falls Tours Guests?