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Mystic Falls Tour

The Originals "olde town" Tour

Extended location Tour

$55.00 per person

$55.00 per person

$89.99 per person  

add on for Salvatore School:
$25.00 per group

Our Mystic Falls tour will include locations from Legacies including the town square, the graffiti window where Dana throws a milkshake at Lizzie, M.G's Moms house, M.G's dads church and many more. All Legacies locations on this tour route are added in once seen in the episodes.

Our Originals tour includes locations from season 1 of Legacies. My favorite being Seyla's Coffee shoppe. Many street locations and even some scenes where Hope has to venture back to New Orleans. This tour is offered typically on Mondays and Fridays in the evening. 

Our Extended tour is done on a private basis usually consisting of only 6-10 guests. This tour is for fans that have already joined our other 2 tours and still want to see even more. This tour will include several awesome Legacies locations including the bridge where Alaric throws the relic in the water and the area where the Mummy comes out of the water later. Including the scenes that take place after to defeat the mummy. The entrance to Tri-Ad has been added and for an added fee you can now add in the new home choosen for Legacies as "The Salvatore Boarding School for the young and gifted." (this is not the same home used on Vampire Diaries) Please note: Mystic Falls tours has exclusive access to this home.

All 3 tour options are available on each tour page listed above for booking. Dates are listed for the upcoming year for our Mystic falls and Originals Olde Town tours. The extended tour is done on a private basis. If you don't see the tour date you need please call the office as soon as possible. Our extended tour varies in availability. 770-728-1669