Many of you have messaged us about #VampireDiaries fandom themed Masks...We have been able to find some for you and will be offering them as long as we can get them in stock for you. The CDC is recommending every person that goes outside and leaves their home to wear at least a cloth mask. These are 100% poly performance fabric. Machine and bleach washable. You can wear them alone or I suggest if you can to wear them over the other masks you may find they may offer more protection and extend the life of the masks. Masks are $10.50 each and we are donating 1 mask for every mask sold to frontline individuals that need them.

(please note we are not making any money off these masks. After we donate a mask for every mask sale and pay for postage to the nominated person in need we will be losing money, but we thought maybe this would be a way we can help and help those that might not already want to wear a mask to do so if they were stylish). Options are

Face masks

Mask style:

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