Welcome Packs

Welcome pack contents are listed below, however please note sometimes items are substituted when whats on the list is not available. Welcome packs are sent to us already in tact and we do not open and inspect them. Welcome packs do always contain the same amount of items to make them full. 


Mystic Falls Welcome Pack Includes:
> Welcome To Mystic Falls Postcard
> Salvatore Brothers vintage war photos
> Whitmore college ID cards
> Bonnie's Grimoire page
> Moonstone
> Mystic Falls Timeline


New Orleans Welcome Pack Includes:

>Welcome To New Orleans Postcard

>Klaus Letter to Caroline

>Jardin Gris Voo Doo Shop Parking Permit

>French Quarter Masquerade Ball Tickets

>Mikaleson Family Photo

>Original Vampire Timeline

Walking Dead welcome pack includes:

2 mini magnets
1 rick grimes sheriff ID badge
1 zombie bite kit
1 fema brochure for zombie outbreaks
1 in case of zombie attack poster
2 zombie disposal toe tags
walking dead stickers
zombie outbreak barricade tape
2 warning and hazard signs
walking dead stickers


*Please note sometimes welcome packs come to us with some items replaced with other items of the same value. We are not responsible for these replacements. The welcome packs come to us pre pacakged. We dont open them so they come to you in pristine condition. Your pack should always have the correct amount of goodies inside, at the correct value. Upgrades can happen as new products come into stock. If you would like for  us to check your pack before purchase please call or message us so we can let you know if there are any changes.

Welcome Packs

Welcome Packs
  • Perfect Souveiner for any fan! Also works great for scrapbooking.

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