POPSOCKETS (w/ Car Holder)

Add a little TVD & Originals love to your favorite mobile device!! Pop Sockets are taking over phones all across the world. These small circle popable caps that simply stick to the back of your mobile phone can change the way you look at your phone, literally. The pop socket allows you to hold your phone between your fingers for better comfort and grip while talking, texting or even taking photos. The pop socket can also bend from side to side to help create a stand for your phone. Works great with your phone on a hard surface, you can turn your phone into a portable movie or show viewer just by popping out the pop socket and setting it up. Includes car attachment/holder. These little guys are awesome!!! (POPSOCKETS NOW INCLUDE CAR HOLDERS)

POPSOCKETS (w/ Car Holder)

Pop Socket Theme
  • We reserve the right to substitute design if we are out of the exact one you order. In that case we would send something as close as to what you ordered. (This usually does not happen)

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