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Simple Household Wastewater Treatment

Currently the water infiltration in the soil is decreasing, and over time it will run out. That is why many wells are currently experiencing drought. We can't just wait for the rainy season to come to collect water.

One alternative that I am trying to share is to make a waste water treatment Indonesia for households (waste water treatment). The method is very simple. In our house there must be something called pralon, right? Whether it's for washing dishes, washing clothes, rinsing bath water, or rainwater pralons. Well, just put the waste water back into the ground.

Disgusting? Make no mistake, many hotels abroad also recycle their water. As long as the water is not for drinking, this treatment can be done. The method is as follows:

Materials and Tools:

Pralon 1/2 inch, to taste, coir or fiber, coral (stone for casting), sand filter (only buy 1m), concrete nails to taste, and compost / organic waste (can be from dry leaves) Hammer, wire shears, hoe, squeegee, and knife cutter.

• Cut the drain pralon (3 inch pralon) with a cutter at one point (look for the point where the most water collects). • Dig the soil around the pralon. Square excavation with a depth of +- 1 meter, width and length as needed. • Cut 1/2 inch pralon into small 15cm long pieces. Insert the pieces of pralon into the ground with the help of a hammer. • Sprinkle compost or organic waste on the bottom layer, compost can be made from organic waste or dry leaves, flatten. • Put coral or rocks on top of the compost, level it. Coral serves as a filter to purify water. • On the top layer, add the coconut husk. The coir will function as a filter that will filter out soap and ingredients resulting from chemical product.

• Add sand filter, use steel shears to cut the sides of this sieve. Insert the filter into the soil, and nail it with concrete nails. This sand filter serves to hold the coconut coir from floating. • This waste treatment can be applied on a household scale, especially in the discharge or control basin of rainwater and water from the bathroom, so that it can seep directly into the ground.

If you are looking for a company to treat water solution Indonesia, please contact us directly, because we have experience in managing various clean water and wastewater treatment systems in various industries.

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