Travel Channel's #6 Top Vampire Destination

We had travel channel rate us as the #6 top vampire destination. Check out what they said below. If you have a thirst for vampire tourism, there are countless undead spots worldwide to sink your teeth into.

6.) Mystic Falls Tours (Covington, GA)

The Vampire Diaries' fictional town of Mystic Falls, VA, is actually Covington, GA located about 30 miles from Atlanta. Covington is also home to Mystic Falls Tours, a year-round 3-hour excursion that gives fans extensive peeks into sets around town - such as the Mystic Grill, the Town Square and the Gilbert House. Fans also see film sets, such as the show's Lockwood Mansion (the Worthington Manor, in real life). And while the tour organizers can't promise it, visitors do occasionally encounter filming in progress. 

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