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12 years!

Yep, 12 years! I never ever could have imagined 12 years ago that my little idea would mean so much to so many people. I never dreamed to start my own business, until I did. I never dreamed my little family would one day not have to worry quite so much. I never-ever thought I would become friends with the cast of this new show filming here in our little hometown known to you guys as #TheVampireDiaries . Thankfully now, 12 years later I can tell you without a doubt. Imagine it, Dream it, Live it. You can. You just have to stick with it and not allow anyone to take even a little itty bit of your joy. Celebrating 12 years as the ONLY cast approved tour has been mostly insane. Everyday is a new day with us growing and building this thing my daughter and I thought up on a street corner after midnight and lovingly called #VampireStalkers. Tours that started in my mother in laws SUV (cause we didn't even have a reliable car). Eventually we moved it to my purple second Hand mini van. Then my little gold upgraded mini van to a caravan of guests because we never wanted to turn anyone away. All the while this awesome show was becoming a cult classic. Did I say, Thank you #Netflix. We opened our store, On location gifts right in the heart of #Mysticfalls. We continued to grow. We bought golf carts and eventually during Covid we moved on up to our Trams/ first one then another. Seeking to stay environmentally friendly (all electric) and open-air due to Covid19 seemed the safest. Over the years I've had the pleasure to hire my family and my friends. That right there made my heart full. Doing what you love everyday surrounded by the ones that mean the most to you can teach you so much. Don't get me wrong some days are worse then others. The outcome being this thing we call Vampire Stalkers is more then a team. We are family. Not only are we family but we see the fans of the show as family. Everyone of us loves meeting the thousands of fans of #TVD, #TheOriginals and now #Legaces. Being able to share with the fans the passion we all still feel everyday working here in The Hollywood of the South is everything. Today was one of those extra fun days where you wake up, check your email and get something cool. I thought maybe I would share my cool email video with you guys. If you haven't made it down to see us yet, remember we are excited to meet you and tell you all our stories about filming and about this man right here.

Thanks again for reading our blog, joining our tours and loving the show. BIG thank you to Ian for celebrating our success with us. After all there was a time when I was second guessing myself and Ian told me "Its just like a field trip everyday" since I was coming away from a teaching career that was the analogy I needed to keep working hard. Hope to see all of you soon in Mystic falls. Keep your eyes on us, BIG things are coming. ~Jess Vampire Stalkers

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