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Remembering Our First Stalking!

We've been thinking! Thought you might wanna know?

Oct 2nd, 2009 the Vampires descended on #CovingtonGA. Guess who was there? US, silly! Of course we were the ONLY fans out and about when the EPIC scenes were filmed on top of what is now called, Bread and Butter Bakery. We even watched Paul and Nina Dobrev (Elena) film on our square right in front of the clocktower.

Paul Wesley was our first ever Vampire-Encounter and boy did he NOT disappoint. On this night my daughter and I were able to meet Paul and get pictures, we were invited on set and I guess you could say...we were hooked. That is the night we became the #VampireStalkers. I knew for as long as #VampireDiaries filmed we would be spending many late nights on the Covington Square.

The following day it was time for some Gram's filming. As we rode through town and saw the film crews setting up to film at Bonnie's Gram's house we got more and more excited. Later that night as we watched filming we were lucky enough to meet Kat Graham. Kat would be Bonnie once the show started airing. We watched filming with Kat and Jasmine Guy (Grams). Later that night we watched as Paul Wesley (Stefan) walked up on Grams porch and Gram's put him to his knees. It had only been a few hours on set but we were already friends with Kat by this time and hanging out with the cast and crew. Who would have thought?

Now for some Damon and Caroline history...We were the first ones to see Ian Somerhalder (Damon) and Candice Accola (Caroline) film those awesome scenes with Damon compelling Caroline very early on. I may not have known much since the show wasn't airing yet but I knew this man was hot. Later that night I knew he smelled great and after they finished filming I knew Ian was my daughter's very favorite. Who could blame her?

We have attached a few behind the scenes photos from this first ever filming of #TVD in Covington. Please share and make sure you keep checking back. We will be doing posts like this for a while for all the fans that couldn't be here, way back when.

All my love,


Note: The picture that shows Nina (Elena) and her stand in. Her stand in is also walking with Paul Wesley's stand in. Marcos Siega is the bald man on the right of the photo, he was the director of #VampireDiaries for the entire first season. I've had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Marcos several times. Such a nice guy and as you know, such a amazing director. With out Marcos Vampire Diaries wouldn't have turned into the amazing show that it did.

FUN FACT: Fans sometimes ask: Why does each screen worn outfit have multiple pieces of the same outfit? Notice above, each "Hero" outfit has at least 4-5 duplicates. The Hero outfit is worn by the main actor/actress. There can be several incases of blood, ripping, or even needing stunt equipment to be worn underneath. Next there is the outfit for the stand in and usually there are even a few extras that were not used. If you are looking at a piece of clothing and are wondering if it was used in the scene or just bought for the scene, this should help you.

Come by our museum here at On Location Gifts and Museum and let us know if you have questions. We have a lot of screen used clothing gifted to us from Warner Brothers. We are happy to answer your questions.

All pictures posted here are the property of Vampire Stalkers and Hollywood of the South tours Ga LLC. Please do not copy or steal. Please repost with credit to

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