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Vampire Stalkers at Walker Stalker Con

Vampire Stalkers will be at Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta!

Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta- Oct 17-19:

Vampire Stalkers will have a booth at Walker Stalker Con. We are super excited to see how the Vampires mix in with the Zombies for this event! Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley better known as the Salvatore brothers are guests at the event and will be doing pictures and autographs. Tickets are still available for this event so if you want to meet Ian and Paul this is your chance! This event will also have most of the Walking Dead cast in attendence. (if your hubby has been draggin his heals about bringing you to GA for a TVD tour this is your chance! Tell him he can do Zombies while you do Vampires and Werewolves. HA HA) Mystic falls tours is only 32 miles from this event so you could tour the Vampire Diaries and Originals sets with us while your in GA and do the convention too. Sounds like the perfect fall vacation to me. Make sure you stop by our table and see us. Mystic Falls Tours table will be located in the same room that Ian and Paul will be in. Jessica will be at the table all weekend and we plan to sell some of our key the whitmore hoodies and the "Oh my Salvatore" tanks! If your coming and know you need something shoot Jessica an email beforehand and we will try to bring it up for you to the event. For more information about Walker Stalker Con please check out there website

Vampire Stalkers will be doing some Contests and Giveaways at our table so make sure you stop by!

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