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Vampire Stalkers Oct 30th Wrap-Up

First off a BIG Vampire Thank You to everyone that joined us on Oct. 30th to Celebrate Halloween in Mystic Falls a day early and watch that nights Vampire Diaries! I am so beyond ecstatic that so many fans joined us!

Cast members from TVD and The Originals were here, Jessica from VS got stuck in an elevator with the Mikaelson bunch and the costume contest turned out better then we could have hoped.

We appreciate all the fans that came out and used the Punch Card at our local businesses and have posted a video on our Facebook of the winners prizes for you guys. I am also gonna list the winners here. We had 4 Costume Winners and the pictures don't do them justice. Now were wondering should we make this an annual event and do it again next year?? What do you think?

Cast Members: Michael Malarkey , Chase Coleman, Jesserae and Mikalson Kids from Originals.

Punch Card Winners were:

Cara Carr from TN, Kayla Holbert from TN, Khristina Hopkins from SC, Jennifer Coursey from GA, Rich Loney from GA, Tyler Swegart from PA, Samantha Barwick from SC, Lois Lane Rutherford from Covington GA, Kelly Bomhardt from MD, Jordan Stanley from GA, Crystal Pinkerman from GA, Marie Stoddart from UK, Ree Rowland from GA, Cindy Henderson from AL, Emily Bridewell, Kim Wofford, Jennifer Houseman from MI, Kara Baker from TN.

Prizes will ship this week! We hope you enjoy them! Big thank you to everyone that donated prizes, On Location Gifts and Vampire Stalkers, Shelvie Jean, Atlanta Movie Tours, Brendales and NC Tourism.

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