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Winter Vampire Stalkers Golf Cart Tour Special!

Winter Vampire Stalkers GolfCart Tour Special!

Winter Special at Vampire Stalkers! How would you like to ride around Mystic Falls on the Awesome Vampire Stalkers "fanged out" Golf Cart while using our cool Damon and Stefan Fleece Blankets to stay warm? As some neat additions we are going to give you a cup of hot cocoa mid way through the tour to make sure you stay good and warm and even take you to several extended Mystic Falls Locations we cant usually get to on the tour including the Mystic Falls Hospital and some of the Whitmore College Scenes.

Golf Cart tours are limited to 2-3 guests and will include everything in our Mystic Falls tour plus the additonal locations and one on one time with your guide. Golf Cart tours must be booked over the phone and are only available on dates that the Mystic Falls tour is not available. That way no matter what day you are coming in the winter we can offer you a tour! Several guests recently have asked us for a VIP tour experince and we think this is a cool way to give that to those who have asked.

Golf Cart Special tour is 69.99 per person. To book please call Jessica at 404-549-1489

Golf cart tours must have atleast 2 guests with a maximum of 3. Blankets are for during the tour only and cannot be taken home after the tour, you are welcome to purchase a blanket after the tour when in stock. Golf Cart tours include 1 guide and guests cannot drive the golf cart at anytime.

(check out our special model for the day Anniston, she is Angie's Daughter! You cant see the front of the Golf Cart but it has a cool set of Vampire Fangs and the other side has a crow with some creepy fog. The perfect Vampire Stalkers mode of transportation for a young Vampire Stalker in Training!)

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