ALL NEW Custom Tours!

In case you arent aware our favorite Vampire TV shows are joined by many of TV and Movies that have also filmed locally here. Covington is known as The Hollywood of South for a reason! Announcing our newest venture...

Hollywood of the South tours!

Want to tour the sets of these other iconic movies and television shows?

Have a family member joining you in Covington for a tour that are fans of some of our other options?

Now you can choose to combine your TVD or Originals tour with other Hollywood of the South options. Or you can join us for your favorite tour and we can put together a custom tour for your friends?

Covington has been home to many...

In the Heat of the Night

Dukes of Hazzard


Sleepy Hollow

Halloween 2


Taken3 and many others!

Check out our Hollywood website for options and merchandise for many of these hits!

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