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Annual TVD Finale Party 2016

Its that time of year again!!! TVD Finale Party time! Come join us for our "Friday Night Bites" Party in Covington, GA on May 13th, 2016. What better place could you plan to be on Friday the 13th? This years party will have TONS of fun things! Covington is so excited to welcome The CW, they will be here filming LIVE from the square.

Do you know what else that means? All your friends at home watching the Finale might just see you living it up in Mystic Falls! All of our restaurants are going to provide a fun "Bite Night" Menu and Mystic Falls tours (thats us) will of course be offering tours all day on Friday and Saturday! Come into town early and stay at the Hampton Inn or Holiday Inn express, call them directly and tell them you were referred by Mystic Falls Tours and take advantage of the discount that is offered to the TVD fans.

Don't forget we will have our BIG blow up screen right on the town square so bring a lawn chair or blanket to watch the finale. Make sure you come by our store we have an awesome set prop on loan from #AllAboutProps from the sets of #TheOriginals You saw this prop last in scene from Kol's lab on the show! Awesome photo for you guys! Did we mention Selfie Stations! We also have a few drawings and raffles in our store with cool prizes like #TVD and #ISF swag!

Details for Finale Viewing:

Date: Friday May 13th

Time: Whenever you are ready! The Finale starts at 8pm but keep in mind most people come early and set out blankets and get comfy, enjoy the local shops and restaurants!

Fee: The Finale event is FREE! (Bring money for food and goodies)

Contest: If you have joined us in the past you know we always have a BIG contest hosted by Covington Tourism....Details to come soon! I will tell you that you will have to be Present to win this prize and it is totally awesome!

UPDATE: Want to win a cool TVD fun time in Mystic Falls with a personal tour with us, Mystic Falls Tours a stay at a bed and breakfast and other cool prizes? Upon arrival in Covington make sure to come by the Covington Visitor Center at 2101 Clark st. You can get your raffle ticket there.

Special Update on pending Guests! Are you a Julian Fan from Season 7 of TVD? Maybe you love to hate him cause of his bad, bad ways? Well Todd Lasance who played Julian is joining that night! Todd will pick our raffle winner and do some other cool things with us too!

Cant wait to see all you guys again this year! Our tour schedule is filling up fast so we suggest you book your tour now if you are wanting to join us. Our Mystic Falls tour has tons of NEW stuff since last years Finale including some cool season 7 greatness! This tour is at 9am on Friday the 13th

Our extended tour is currently SOLD OUT, we are trying to find a bigger bus, we will post here if that changes.

Our Originals tour that day has a few spots left on it and also has new stops on it from season 3 of the Originals....This tour is in the afternoon but we promise to finish and have you back in plenty of time to watch the finale on the square and participate in the fun!

Saturday am Mystic Falls Tour is at 10am. If you can't tour with us on Friday stay overnight and enjoy Covington aka Mystic Falls, we would love to have you Saturday morning for the tour plus all the fun gossiping with all your new TVD friends you meet the night before at our viewing.

UPDATED SCHEDULE: Tours will run all day as planned. If you are booked for a tour with us you should have gotten a email on Wednesday with your reminder time or any changes.

When should you arrive?? Guest will arrive all through out the day, Many businesses will have special Food options and sales for you to enjoy and partake in. Come as early as you can!

Make sure you stop at the Covington Visitor Center and get your FREE Raffle ticket for the CW raffle contest.

We will have a DJ and other cool vendors including The Ian Somerhalder Foundation on the square around 4pm.

Todd will be signing Limited Autographs on Friday! If you would like an autograph please come to our store, On Location Gifts to purchase your autograph ticket. Autographs are $10.00 and that money will be going to Todd for his time. You may also want to purchase something to get signed, we will have 8 by 10's and Vampire Stakes on hand at the store.

While at the store make sure you pick up your raffle tickets for our cool prizes! Vampire Stalkers will be selling raffle tickets for $5.00 each with proceeds benefiting Empower 54, Katerina Grahams (Bonnie) charity and ISF. We will be raffling off 10 great prizes! Don't miss out!

Promptly at 6pm, Todd will begin signing autographs at Square Perk. *You MUST have a receipt from our store showing you paid the $10.00 in order to get the autograph. He will only sign 1 item per purchase. NO selfies. Coffee, autographs and a Vampire...sounds like a fun time to me! Thanks Square Perk!

7pm: Todd (Julian) and Chris Brochu (Luke) will come out to the Finale Screen and do some fan questions, they also have some cool questions for you!!! The biggest fans that get those questions/trivia right will get something cool from Todd and Chris. Shhhh its a surprise!

After the question/answer and Trivia Fun The guys will start drawing names for the City of Covington Raffle and the Vampire Stalkers Raffles! (Make sure you have your tickets!)

8:00 Pm: Vampire Diaries Season 7 Finale!! (make sure you watch for our commercials)

9:00 pm: The Originals

I am sure there will be much more going on but at least now you have a time line! Hope to see you friday!

As always the viewing is being brought to you from Covington Tourism and Vampire Stalkers, we also have extra sponsors this year and there names are listed on our flyer. Thank you for being a fan of Vampire Diaries, Thank you for being a fan of Covington and thank you for just being YOU. Cant wait to see you all again!!! ~Jess

*We have added a 2pm Mystic Falls Tour on Saturday if you would like to book it please do so soon. We expect it to sell out quickly! We also have a few spots left on the 9am MFT on Friday. We have 4 spots left for the Originals tour at 4pm on Friday. (these can change quickly so please go to the website and book it if you need too)

(Celebrity appearances are expected to arrive as planned but please remember that any guest that comes or plans to come is subject to filming obligations first. Should a conflict arise)

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