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The Originals Last Season...

Are you as big a fan of The Originals as we are? Are you biting your nails waiting for Season 5? How bout did you hear the sad news that season 5 is the LAST season of The Originals? So many things to say and so little time.

We are at least happy to say we were able to spend some time with the awesome darling that played Hope on The Originals for the entire season 4 of the show. Summer Fontana surprised us all by not only being so young and doing such an amazing job but also by going head to head with Joseph Morgan and showing the world just how talented she is! Summer stopped in to sign the Originals wall in our store and let me tell you, she is just as sweet and fun in person. If you want to come by and see Summer's signature or Joseph's or Daniels, should I keep going? If you want to see the cool Originals wall in our On location gifts store then come on by!

Don't forget to check out the red wall in back too.....shhhhh don't tell anyone but this wall holds lots of #TVD secrets as it is also signed by not only the cast of Vampire Diaries but many of the amazing people that have worked behind the scenes for 8 seasons.

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