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Vampire Diaries Props!

UPDATE: The Museum is currently closed while the Covington Tourism department tries to locate a larger location. We will post as soon as the museum has a new date to re-open. Mean while our store, On Location Gifts on the Covington Square displays many props from Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Including a ton of NEW items. You are welcome to come by anytime during store hours to see and take pictures of the goodies we have here for you.

Have you ever loved a show so much you wanted to spend the rest of your life living inside the story that show tells? I have. Thank fully I have lived in the Hollywood of the South my entire life. From being a middle school kid and going to school to see Bubba from Heat of the Night strolling down the halls to taking my daughter to our small town square to watch hours upon hours of filming for The Vampire Diaries. The Covington Visitors Center and Tourism board have been working for a very long time to add to the locations the fans come to Covington aka The Hollywood of the South to see here in Georgia. Providing a fun environment for you to geek out on all the TV and Movies Filmed here we came up with and are proud to announce the opening of the ONLY TV and Film Museum in the entire state of Georgia!

With Vampire Diaries ending, Tourism for tv and movie fans growing and the state of Georgia marking 2017 as the year of film there couldn't be a better time to open our Pop Up Museum and see how many fans we could get in the door. So if you are a TVD fan and want to "marry Stefan" in one of the wedding gowns used for the scene where the girls on the show are shopping with Caroline, You can. If you want to stand behind the door to the Salvatore Dungeon door and take a selfie, You can. Maybe you really are a closet Katherine fan and getting to sit on the same couch she sat on in the Masquerade episode with her blood still at your feet on the carpet from the Lockwood Mansion set just like Nina Dobrev was when we found out Katherine had used a spell to be linked to Elena and therefore stop Damon and Stefan from ending her life right then....YOU CAN.

The Hollywood of the South Film Museum in just a few doors down from our store On Location Gifts. Open at least for the next few months....with a small donation of $5.00 a person you can come on by and have the time of your life in the museum. Awesome pictures are the perfect way to make memories and make all your friends that couldn't come with you wish they had! Its time to come on down to Mystic Falls....after all we've laid the blood red carpet out for you here!

Book a tour to the sets used on Vampire Diaries and The Originals while in town, we would love to show you around our home town while you are here. Just cause the Vampire Diaries have finished filming doesn't mean we aren't still offering so many cool things here in The Hollywood of the South. Don't miss this once in a lifetime chance to stand in the same footsteps that the stars of your favorite shows have stood. Making sure you come soon, The Originals are currently filming their FINAL season and chances for filming during our tour are running out....dont worry though even if you don't make it for filming I can promise we will be here offering tours to the sets of #TVD and #TheOriginals for a long time to come.

PS: Our cool Museum also has items from tons of other productions including, TVD, Sleepy Hollow, Dukes of Hazard, In the Heat of the Night, Miracles in Heaven, and Dolly Partons Coat of many colors movies just to name a few. So grab mom and dad I bet they would enjoy a family trip to Covington Georgia too!

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