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Can you Guess this Prop?

Guess that Prop #TVD

Calling all #VampireDiaries Fans! As many of you may already know, over here at Vampire Stalkers/Mystic Falls tours we are lucky enough to display the LARGEST display of Vampire Diaries and The Originals screen used set props anywhere in the world. Warner Brothers has trusted us with many items from the show. What better place to see these items then in Mystic Falls, right?

Over at our store, On Location Gifts we display these items for FREE for fans just like you. Constantly changing out items so there is always something new to see each time you visit us here in Covington, Ga. While picking this cool prop up today I had an idea and that's how "Guess that Prop!" was born. I hope everyone can see how large this piece is. It is a prop that was used on The Vampire Diaries.

Funny story of the day...Watching us drive an hour with this BIG piece on the back of our truck...hoping and praying it didn't come off. Laugh now, it's ok....were safe now. Or how about when we parked it here on our town square and I went back out with big signs that say Please do not touch. There was an older gentleman looking at me as if I were crazy. I guess he missed us loading the coffin in the store the last trip. HA HA Now that we have all had a good laugh, check out the rules and lets find us a winner to the contest!

GUESS that Prop!


1. Find the above pictured prop in footage from The Vampire Diaries. If you already think you know what scene its from then you are already on the right track. This will be a social media contest so you will need to like and share the contest on facebook or instagram.

2. To win you cannot just guess correctly, you need to find the prop in footage and either take a screen shot or picture of the scene.

3. Once you have the screen shot you must comment on our facebook page with the scene details: episode, season, what the prop is used for and post the screen shot. (under our post with the contest, tag us if possible)

(you must 'like' our facebook)

Please use #VampireStalkersContest #forevermysticfalls to help us find your posts about the contest.

4. We will re watch the scene and verify that is the right prop answer; We will also verify that the picture you posted is from the same scenes/storyline.

5. FIRST person to make a comment post on our facebook under the picture and post with the above proof of what the prop is and what scene it is from will win!

So in other words, if you don't already know the answer all you will need to do it rewatch your favorite show until you find the answer~Dont you wish all contests were this easy!

For anyone that doesn't want to compete but thinks they know the answer, you are more than welcome to post your "guess" and that may help someone else find the footage to win. Guesses without a screen shot/pic, details or making a facebook like and share post will not be eligible for a prize.


First person with correct prop guess will receive $100.00 gift card to our store or tours

Second person with correct prop guess will receive $50.00 gift card to our store or tours

(time stamping on facebook will verify the time you post your answer. We will only use the official time stamp on facebook to see who posts the answer first and second. Please don't message us that you posted first. We are able to check and we are always fair.)

Because we are accepting 2 winners we will contact the winners privately and then post the winners and the answer once we have first and second place.


Big thanks to Warner Brothers for once again gifting such an awesome piece to our store. Items like this prop are wonderful pieces that we enjoy sharing with the fans that visit us. #filmtourism #gafilm #forevermysticfalls #explorega #hollywoodofthesouth #mysticfallstours #vampirestalkers #ilovecovga

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