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Micheal Trevino checking out Canvas Warrior Shoes

Below is an excerpt from for a past moment with Micheal Trevino and the auctioning of hand painted shoes, check out the video!

Early on Vampire Stalkers became friends with the cast and the site owners of the BEST fan site out there, Red and Vee. ( Here is a link to a story about us. Make sure you follow the link so you can check out a video of Jessica From Vampire Stalkers and Michael Trevino who plays Tyler on the show. In the video he is flipping out over Jessica’s awesome TVD shoes! Its a must watch.

“If you attended EyeCon this past weekend, or have watched video footage of Ian’s Q&A, you’ll know that Vampire Stalkers and Canvas Warriors have teamed up to auction off a “an exclusive pair of hand painted Chucks that will be tailor-made for the highest bidder, then be signed by Ian Somerhalder himself.”

All proceeds from the auction will go to Ian Somerhalder Foundation.”


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