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  • I'm looking for a specific tour date I don't see on the calendar, can I request one?"
    If you don't see a date available you would like please email us or call us directly to request a specific date. We cannot, however, guarantee any availability and tours are solely at the discretion and scheduling of the tour guides. Keep in mind our tours run year round every Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. If possible for best chances we suggest you book a date already available. Book early so that it is not already booked. The Originals Tours are running currently twice a month, specific requests for dates might not be available at this time. Please refer to the booking calendar for available Originals Tour dates.
  • I would like to book a private tour? Do you offer those?
    Private Tours are available for Showers, Birthday Parties and Corporate Events. Please email or call us for more information or visit our 'specials' page for a brief summary of what we offer. Guests are also selecting this option more due to the Corona Virus Pandemic.
  • I am in Covington, GA and I just learned about your tour. Can I book a tour for today?"
    Typically tours are booked in advance only. We run our tram tour on a schedule approved by our various location stops beforehand. If you don't plan ahead and have a pre-booked appointment there is a good chance all available seats will be sold out. However, you can always call our tour office and see if there is an availability for tours we can't guarantee we will be able to accommodate you. We strongly suggest booking far in advance to secure your tour.
  • Is the website accurate? Why dont I see the date I need?
    Website it Always Accurate! Please note tours run year round! If you don't see dates you need most likely it is because they are sold out already. Book early! Our suggestion is to Book your tour before planning lodging and hotels. Tours stayed booked a year in advance.
  • Are the tours wheelchair accessible?
    We have some specific arrangements that can be made to accommodate customers who have a wheelchair. These situations must be arranged in advance and through verbal communication at least 6 months before booking your tour. Please call our tour office for more information.
  • Do you ever have celebrities join your tour or do you ever see filming?
    It is always a possibility but never a guarantee.
  • Why did I not get to see the Salvatore House from The Vampire Diaries on the tour?
    The original Salvatore Boarding House was filmed for the first season of The Vampire Diaries at the historic Glenridge Hall Mansion in Sandy Springs. However, for season 2-8, the building was reproduced in a set at the studio. Sadly, the original manor from 1929 was demolished and all its magnificent gardens and surrounding forest were razed to the ground in 2015, to make room for urban development. Read this article for a more in-depth look
  • When should I arrive for my tour and where?
    We ask that you arrive 20 minutes PRIOR to your booking time. Please note if you are late you will be left behind! We have a predefined schedule to meet that we must follow to ensure all our customers a fluid experience. We have agreements with some of the locations we visit to be on their property at specific times, we uphold these arrangements. We will NOT refund your tour if you miss it, no exceptions. If you are taking the MYSTIC FALLS TOURS you must meet at 1143 Oak St. Covington, GA If you are taking THE ORIGINALS TOUR you must meet at 901 Railroad St, Conyers, GA
  • I have small children, can I bring them on the tour?"
    Currently we are NOT able to accommodate children 5 and under due to local car seat laws. Thanks for your understanding
  • What is the mode of transportation for the tours?
    For the MYSTIC FALLS TOUR we have 2 trams with 23 seats available for each tram that we use for transportation throughout the tour. The tram rows provide average size seating for 4 guests per row. Tours are pre-booked with this in mind. If you need more room then the average 16inches allowed we suggest you book 2 seats for your comfort and the comfort of our other guests. However, we still have locations that are only accessible through walking and will require us to park and walk. We will ride on our tram to each location, exit the tram and talk/take pictures at most locations. Sanitation is done at every stop on the tram with medical grade sanitizer. (please call us if you need wheelchair accessible options) For THE ORIGINALS TOUR it is primarily a walking-only tour with a good distance that will be required for the majority of this specific tour. (please call us if you need wheelchair accessible options)
  • Do you sell any provisions before the tour?
    We offer Water, Powerade and various other Resealable Beverages at the tour starting point. All items are $1.00 each. CASH ONLY. Ponchos and Hand Warmers are usually available at $3.00 each. CASH ONLY
  • Is our website correct? Are you really sold out?
    YES. Our website updates as soon as a booking is made or added. Covington is seeing record numbers of fans visiting and taking our tours. We thank you but it does make it harder to book last minute. However we do try to add more seats and tours for each month when home owners approve us being on property longer than approved in advance. We suggest you check the website around the 15th of the month before you are coming a few times a day until you see seats added. We try to add several seats for every tour. Once they are added be ready to book. Once tickets sell out again we will not be able to add more. If you are from over seas or needing a reschedule please call us if you do not see what you need. 770-728-1669 If you are coming in 2023 we do suggest you book NOW.
  • What should I bring on my tour?
    Your Tour Confirmation Number available on your phone or mobile device - This is important so that we can determine we have the correct parties scheduled for the tour. If you are unsure about your confirmation number please contact us either by email or phone before your tour date. Appropriate Clothing - Please dress in appropriate attire for the weather conditions you might be arriving in. If its cold, raining, or hot its important to be dressed for the occasion. Check our local weather conditions before arriving to make sure you are adequately prepared. Tour Policy states you must wear FLAT shoes. That means NO high heels, NO boots with heels, No wedges etc. If you show up in the wrong shoes you will be REQUIRED to change them in order to join us for the tour. This is a insurance rule and there can be no exceptions for any reason. Items to Bring - If its raining we suggest bringing a rain jacket or poncho, and an umbrella. An umbrella is also good for shade from the sun if interested. If its cold we suggest a insulated jacket. If its hot we suggest bringing a resealable water bottle or other beverage that can easily be carried without the possibility of spilling. We also suggest bringing a camera. You will NOT be permitted to take any video on the tours although we do encourage taking as many photos as you would like. If you take the Originals Tour since it is primarily walking it is suggested you bring a stroller for small children. Souvenirs - Mystic Falls Tours takes a stop at our gift shop where you have the opportunity to purchase merchandise. Our gift shop is accessible even if you didn't take the tour or if you took The Originals Tour but is at a different location. We do encourage all our guests before coming to bring some extra money if you wish to buy some souvenirs. Gift cards can also be purchased for future visits, to use in the store, or for our online shop.
  • Do you still offer the Extended Tour?
    Extended Tours are no longer offered due to COVID-19 at this time.
  • What does the space on the tram look like?
    The tram seats 23 guests per load. (if you need 2 seats please book accordingly. The tram rows provide average size seating for 4 guests per row at an average size of 16 inches)
  • How long is the waitlist? How do I join?
    Our waitlist updates with all bookings. The waitlist is always accurate. To join select the dates you are in town on the booking cal. The waitlist button will pop up AFTER you select the date. Select waitlist button and fill in. You are welcome to join as many waitlist dates as you want. With the Corona Pandemic guests are frequently needing to reschedule. The waitlist the perfect place to be if you need a date not available.


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